Food & Beverage

A stepping stone for seamless expansion to new markets.

The market for food and beverage is vast, and within this landscape, the USA emerges as the world’s largest food importer.

This place exporting entrepreneurs in a prime position to unlock substantial opportunities for expansion and growth.

The potential to tap into this market is promising and can pave the way for new horizons.

The exceptional quality standards upheld in the USA have garnered recognition from numerous other nations, making it a steppingstone for seamless expansion into new markets.»

Phase I – Fast Market Validation.

Collaborate closely with your company to conduct a potential analysis, assessing the market opportunities for your product.

1. Design a market entry strategy and perform a detailed market analysis.

2. Validate demand: Gauge market size.

3. Analyze competitors.

4. Craft a market value proposition.

5. Identify the fitting distribution/sales channel.

6. Provide recommendations for the suggested market penetration strategy.

7. Formulate pricing strategy and Outline an action plan.

8. Identify short-term business opportunities (sales closures) leveraging product strengths or strategy.

9. Recognize weaknesses and pinpoint threats to the product, channel, etc.

Phase II – Local Monitoring and US Company Support.

Conduct additional market research, including sensory product analysis, concept acceptance, and name validation.

1. Identify potential clients and execute a sales plan.

2. Assist in negotiations, sales management, and business closures.

3. Schedule business appointments.

4. Offer guidance for hiring staff, trademark registration, FDA compliance, regulations, and quality standards.

5. Provide expertise and support in marketing and promotions.

6. Suggest a minimal operational structure to initiate a business in the US.

7. Chase economies of scale to establish a business hub supported by dependable professionals in legal services, taxation, and logistics.

Phase III – We Handle the Heavy Lifting Support.

The selection of partners and understanding the requisites for effective product management, considering market opportunities.

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