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SLG Pack Real Estate

SLG Program is exclusively designed for people who want to secure their investments or increase their US real estate market assets.

Those who want to buy apartments, houses, buildings, shopping centers, shops, offices, must do so through our program. We guarantee patrimonial protection and legal security.


Incorporation of a company in the country of interest.

Annual local registered agent service.

Tax identification number – EIN.

Annual local Incorporator service.

Certificates of company titles and custody.

  Libro negro y sello corporativo.

Creation of the statutes and minutes of the company.

Fiscal, legal, and commercial addresses in the selected area.

Local phone number and service for one year.

Reception and administration of correspondence – Documents only.

Opening of a bank account in the name of the company. Savings and checking account. *

Monthly accounting services – maximum 20 transactions per month.

Creation of an asset investment plan and strategy.

Development of a plan to buy correctly.

Access to our team of real estate agents in the Latam region.

  Desarrollo de un plan para comprar correctamente.

Access to our financial team to buy on credit.

For specific details about the services, please contact us.