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SLG Pack Entrepreneur

A program designed for experts in specific areas, such as importers, and exporters of goods and services. Accounting, financial, psychological, motivational, technological, or artistic transformation, among others.

By running a company in the United States and other international markets, you can reinvent yourself by deploying all your experience in a global ecosystem worldwide, using the platform offered by Softlanding Global. 

Anyone who has something of value to offer to the world can use Softlanding Global’s services through the SLG Pack Entrepreneur.


SLG InBiz Workshop 1
Definition of the Global Value Proposition.
International MYPE.

SLG InBiz Workshop 2 
 Commercial Structures.
 Customer Relationship Management – CRM.

Commercial / Industrial Report Overview
Report of our databases – Statista, Euromonitor, Maximize, Macroconsult Verytrade.

Database of Chambers of Commerce of the region
Complete list of the most important Chambers in the region with contact information.

3 Innovation Roundtables 
Planning and coordination of business tables related to the Miami International innovation movement.


SLG BCG/Basic. 3 Steps Onboarding Basic *
 3 Monthly review – the first 3 months.
 Building – Generate – Consolidate.

* One Coaching Meeting

SLG Welcome Interview PER
Welcome interview on our SLG NET platforms.
Typical script: The 3 things we should know about you.
Maximum duration 3 min.
SLG Interviewer.

Welcome advertising on SLG Net PER
Graphic piece: Logo and statement of the company.
Publication on SLG Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter.

1 Shared Virtual International Event *

* Softlanders will only be able to use these Accelerators if they comply with all the organizational requirements of the SLG Guide for International Events.

We cannot have face-to-face commitments until the pandemic has stabilized.

3 Ad-hoc Virtual Business Rounds
Meeting Plans Forms
Negotiation Check List


Incorporation of a company in the State of Florida.

Tax identification number – EIN.

Annual local Incorporator service.

Annual local registered agent service.

Black book and corporate seal.

Creation of the statutes and minutes of the company.

Certificates of company titles.

Fiscal, legal and commercial address in the Miami area.

Reception and administration of correspondence – Documents only.

One local phone number and service for one year.

Opening of a bank account in the name of the company and in a personal capacity. Savings and checking account. (TO)

US credit card. (B)

Monthly accounting services. (C)

Annual preparation of the Financial Statements.

Preparation of the Tax Declaration.

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