To soft-land is the art of making it happen just from the very beginning

The Global Growth Agency will help you expand and protect your heritage.

Our service platform accompanies people and companies in their global development and expansion process, diversifying investments and protecting their assets: a simple, safe, and financially optimal deployment.

Through our agency services, specifically designed to create and run your company in the United States from anywhere in the world and vice versa, we help you adapt to the new structures of the post-pandemic world.

Softlanding Global Internacionalización de Empresas

Digital Geography

Global proximity. Close to everywhere. Anyone is near. Any market a click away.

Cross Pollination

Binding Architectures. Innovation Ecosystems. You in the middle of it. Select USA.

Multinational SMB

Global Collaboration. Coopetency-Associativity. Global from the very beginning. Just From home.

With our structured guide SLG Step-by-Step you can use your company in the US as a tool to increase your chances of business success in your region and around the world.

Our experience has allowed us to design different programs to meet your different needs, and if you need a particular solution, we can create it together.

Meet our team

Softlanding Global comprises an interdisciplinary team with many years of successful experience generating businesses in different industries throughout the Americas and around the world.

Ítalo Torrese CEO de Softlanding Global

Ítalo Torrese


Entrepreneur and Political and economic analyst.

Ricardo Torres Vicepresidente de Softlanding Global

Ricardo Torres

Executive VP Softlanding Global

Entrepreneur and Political and economic analyst.

José Barletta Viceprecidente de Softlanding Net

José Barletta

VP Softlanding Global Net

Entrepreneur and M.S.

José Bereciartúa Vicepresidente de Softlanding Global LATAM

José Bereciartúa

VP Softlanding Global LATAM

Tourism and Agricultural Entrepreneur.

Yamilet Rivas Softlanding Global Women in Business

Yamilet Rivas

Softlanding Global Women in Business Director

Technology Entrepreneur.

Rafael Félix

Consultor en Ventas

Expositor Internacional

Karina Pimentel

Especialista de Inteligencia de Mercado

Consultora Internacional

Santiago Padilla

Abogado de Inmigraciones


Mario Golab

Abogado de Marcas y Patentes


Giani Gurecky

Bienes Raíces

Alfredo Amigorena

Director SLG Argentina

Carola Vanerio

Directora SLG Uruguay

Humberto Dirani

Director SLG Ecuador

Stefano Sichi

Director SLG Francia

Change Catalyst

Nicole Kirschner-Grill

Directora Alemania

Contadora Pública

Guillermo Palmeiro

Director Palma de Mallorca

Investment & Business – España

Guillermo Mazzoni

Director de Relaciones Gubermentales

Abogado – Argentina

Our Network

At SLG we know that our clients need specific services for special needs. That is why we partner with the best companies in each area.